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Bright Box provides a variety of services to make Sheffield's windows brighter. Although primarily residential specialists, we also clean commercial and business properties. We don't follow a one-size-fits-all rule, but rather appraise each job individually. We always conduct a site visit and provide customers with relevant information about best choice of practice. For example, for many standard two storey residential properties a simple traditional clean with squeegees and applicators is all that is required. For frame and gutter cleaning, or for properties higher than two stories, we most likely will recommend pole-washing. The same applies to cleaning signage, fascias, atria and panelling. Please see below for a list of our services.

window cleaners sheffield

Traditional Handwash

Nothing gets a window clean like a traditional handwash - scrims, applicators, squeegees and a bucket of warm soapy water will brighten any window. In keeping with current health and safety legislation we generally use telescopic poles to clean first floor and above windows: we tend not to use ladders unless strictly necessary. We can, however, clean ground floor windows by hand if requested. We always handwash using pure water.


Water-fed pole system

window cleaners sheffield

Practical and ladders-free, the water-fed pole system is the ideal choice when cleaning windows higher than two stories or for those hard-to-get-to places. It is also the safest and most cost-effective method when cleaning commercial properties. We also use the pole system when cleaning gutters, fascias, doors and signage. To find out more about how water-fed poles work please visit our info page. Please note - currently, we only clean up to 33ft (three stories).

window cleaners sheffield

Extra Services

We also clean doors, signage, fascias, gutters and conservatory roofs. Generally we will use water-fed poles to clean these, but if a 'deep clean' is required to remove built-up dirt, we can offer a handwash service - particularly useful when polishing uPVC.


Pure-water Technology

All windows are cleaned using pure water. Water is purified using a reverse osmosis system, stripping away impurities. Purified water ensures a deeper, longer-lasting clean leaving windows crisp and clear.

window cleaners sheffield

The types of properties we clean

Sheffield is a big place and has a lot of windows! Our primary customer focus is residential, although we also clean a number of shops, business units, public houses and nursing homes. To find out if we clean your property type please get in touch using details in the contact section.