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Listed below are answers to questions regularly asked by our customers.


Q. How often will you clean my property?

A. As often as you want. Generally, residential properties are cleaned once every four weeks and usually on the same day (weather permitting) each time. Shops are usually cleaned once a week. For businesses, offices and other commercial properties we clean to a schedule provided by the business owners/managers. Should you require your property to be cleaned at set times please let us know and we will try to accommodate.

Q. Do you charge for a site visit/quotation?

A. No. All site visits/quotations are free.

Q. Can you quote without seeing the property?

Yes, sometimes. We usually try to quote by looking on Google Streetview, Zoopla or Rightmove. We have standard prices for most types of residential properties, depending on what is required, and use these as a rough guide.

Q. How do you receive payment?

A. We accept two forms of payment: either cash or bank transfer (account details can be provided).

Q. How much do you charge to clean windows?

A. Please see the prices section.

Q. Do you clean the sills?

A. We understand from many customers this is something some window cleaners don't do. Bright Box always mops sills and it is included in the price.

Q. What if I'm not happy with your service, or what if there is a smear on my window after a clean?

A. We always conduct quality checks as the windows are cleaned and endeavour to avoid any smearing. If, however, you are unhappy with any aspect of our service get in touch with us and we will be happy to resolve the problem.

Q. What is traditional window cleaning?

A. Traditional cleaning means cleaning windows using ladders, applicators, squeegees and scrims. Sometimes customers prefer having their windows cleaned this way and we are happy to oblige. Sometimes it is the best method to use for the job - for example, shop windows. Since 2018 Bright Box has stopped using ladders guided by current health and safety guidelines. Traditional window cleaning is now only available for ground floor windows.

Q. What is pole-washing?

A. Pole-washing is the use of telescopic poles attached by hose to a water tank. Pure water is pumped from the tank and jetted onto the window. As the water jets onto the glass it is brushed to clean the window.

Q. What do you mean by pure water?

A. Water from the tap contains many minerals and impurities. When windows are cleaned with ordinary tap water (without a squeegee) these impurities dry onto the glass and cause spotting. Bright Box uses a reverse osmosis system to strip away all impurities leaving the water 99% pure. Pure water will dry on the glass without leaving marks or spots.

Q. Will pure water pole washing leave marks/spots after the first clean?

A. Sometimes this happens during a first-clean and is perfectly normal. The pole brush agitates any accumulated dirt under seals and frames (which is rarely removed with traditional cleaning). If frames and seals haven't been cleaned for some time dirty water may run, during the drying process, onto the glass and dry there. However, because the pole brush cleans seals and frames as well as windows, in time (usually after two or three cleans), all dirt will have been removed and there will be no spotting.

Q. Do you clean windows outside of Sheffield?

A. At the moment we are happy to travel to any Sheffield district. We don't go any further than that at present.

Q. Do you do one-off or builders cleans?

A. We do one-off cleans, but not builder’s cleans for these generally need ladders.

Q. What's the best way to get in touch?

A. I'm usually working during the day so you can either text or phone my mobile - 07982 644032 or email If I don't answer the phone it's probably because I'm working- please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible (usually same day).